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case manager skills list

Conducted comprehensive assessments and identify programs based on clients' overall individual needs, limitations and abilities. Case managers must have proficient documentation skills, be able to work well with diverse and challenging populations, maintain appropriate professional boundaries and have the ability to remain calm during crisis situations. Managed care through concurrent in-patient member chart reviews and audits utilizing McKesson InterQual criteria. Participated in staff meetings and development and suggesting new/improved methods of service delivery. Conducted initial interviews with potential clients to assess their financial situation. Developed and implemented treatment plans to assist individuals reintegrate back into the community and manage symptoms. Delivered client focused services for all those seeking employment using all available agency and community resources. Obtained and provided information from a variety of resources to establish solutions and/or recommendations for current and potential clients. Provided intensive case management and rehabilitation services to help chronically mentally ill adults maintain independent living in the community. Contacted patients, insurance companies and physician offices to obtain critical information on insurance benefit programs. Interacted with physicians and medical directors on a regular basis to insure quality of care provided and coordinate care plans/services. By paying attention to the type of … Provided career information, career counseling, financial assistance, and referral to other organizations. Patient Care, Home Healthcare, and Case Management represent a very decent share of skills found on resumes for Nurse Case Manager with 27.39% of the total. Maintained adequate and timely activity in client records and administered monthly and quarterly reports to director. Promoted community awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault issues through public speaking and educational presentations. Coordinated the provision of basic needs, housing, clothing, furniture, household items, and food. Planned, organized and managed Homeless Stand down events including primary outreach and coordination with supporting community agencies. Completed child well-being assessments including individual service plans, family reunification plans and discharges. Turning up to appointments in plenty of time, making sure care plans have suitable time frames and allowing time for admin work all rely on this crucial skill. Investigated allegations of child abuse and neglect and determine if ongoing agency intervention is essential. With multiple clients, rehabilitation plans, medical appointments, therapy sessions, meetings (the list goes on…) you will need to rely on your organisation in this profession. Coordinated and advocated client mental health services in collaboration with various educational and mental health agencies. Facilitated group meetings, kept confidential records and case notes Job placement Set Appointments Transported clients to doctor appointments. Provided money management services specifically for consumers with mental health diagnosis, often with dual disorders. The skills needed include: Clinical Communication Time management Decision-making and problem-solving Organizational Autonomy Conflict resolution Teamwork Delegation Political savvy … Excellent analytical skills: Expert in forwarding thinking & market research Sound expertise in development processes and … Applied program policies and procedures relevant to the confidentiality of information regarding applicants and program participants. For example, if you’re a detail-oriented software developer skilled in a computer programming language, you’ll likely be able to catch errors and correct issues in the code you and your team create. With all of the technology available, there are a number options … Maintained detailed patient observance charts and assisted social workers in determining the rehabilitation of clients ready to return to society. Preformed Behavioral Health Technician duties and provided direct support services for children/families. Provided case management services for community-based non-profit adolescent advocacy program Developed and implemented personal service plans for program participants. What are the Stages of Case Management? Working as a team is a vital part of the job and you certainly need collaborative skills to get the best out of yourself and your colleagues. Interviewed/consulted with clients, managers and clinicians, developing case objective documentation needed by the Judicial System/Administration for Children Services. Logged new medications and refills, created medication administration records for new and updated prescriptions. Assisted medical staff with forensic examinations for law enforcement and state agency. Attended weekly staff meetings actively participating in efforts to enhance programming and strengthen effectiveness of the department. Conducted intake assessment, benefit assessment, goal setting, progress monitoring, individual money management, advocacy, and referrals. Conducted group counseling for at risk teens exposed to child abuse, drug abuse, gang violence, and anger management. Acquiring the above requirements that employers usually demand that applicants for the hospital case manager job meet, and using them in your resume, can boost its effectiveness. Completed HRA application, facilitated housing referral's for supportive housing, charting in accordance with DHS and DOMH mandates. What Is a Nurse Case Manager? Linked individuals with mental health disabilities to available resources within the local community. Significant organizational change underlies the concept. After all, there is always room for improvement! When you think of the tools required by a manager, you may not instantly arrive at “communication” as a high priority.. Conducted Bio-psychosocial Assessments to determine clients unmet needs and eligibility for in-home and other Case Management related services. Whether this is going the extra mile for a client, team member or medical professional, your commitment to the job is an infectious trait shows how enthusiastic you are. Designed and coordinated an independent living housing plan for applicants based on initial intake interview. Provided coaching to facilitate personal growth and awareness, including goal setting and achievement. In some cases, the patient may have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses, but it will be far less than what it would cost to stay in hospital. Oftentimes, these professionals are so busy handling the daily goings-on in the office that they don't slow down to really examine the finer points of all that they do. Every day as a case manager you will need to use your initiative to make important decisions. Facilitated weekly educational substance abuse group in cooperation with Ministry with Community. That is why you need to enter all situations in an approachable manner, so clients feel comfortable working with you. Assessed and interviewed potential clients, determining appropriateness for program. Provided regular in-services for staff members regarding programs, educational material and community resources. Tracked the incidence of both latent and active tuberculosis cases in the state of Utah. Identified and reported patient safety concerns to ensure their overall safety. Participated in regular interdisciplinary staff meetings held at position location. Served as a liaison between DHS placement Unit and Program Directors to schedule interviews ensuring all parties have received complete documentation. It will facilitate the employment process and you will land a desired job. A case management nurse oversees the long-term care plan for his or her patients. Empowered clients through long-term SMART goal setting, resource referrals, bi-weekly PHQ-9 depression and suicide evaluation, and crisis intervention. Developed an Independent Living curriculum to educate teenagers in basic living skills for transition to successful adulthood. If you’ve created a fantastic solution that might be a little bit out of the ordinary, you may need to use appropriate persuasion skills to educate the client or team member on why it’s the best choice. Project managers and program managers share many common competencies. Served as a Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist for three years conducting social and behavioral modification therapy sessions with individuals and families. Provided on-site direct behavioral health care services at agency's residential facility. Managed the care of patients with tuberculosis (TB) during their hospitalization and their discharge follow-up care. Observed and recommended special community services rehabilitation Submitted reports and recommendations on whether offenders should be granted probation. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Case Manager. Taking the time to make a match will show the hiring manager why you're qualified for a job and worth interviewing. Assessed appropriate level of care, diagnostic testing, clinical procedures and documentation of medical records completeness. Instructed patients and family members on proper symptom management, medication administration, wound care and end of life topics. Participated in juvenile justice hearings and utilization management reviews involving adolescents receiving mental health treatment at The Bridge. In the case of functional resume, this section can be placed even before the Experience section. Facilitated annual and special interdisciplinary meetings with consumers and various health care professionals. Skills and Personal Characteristics. Conducted family therapy sessions, monthly school visits and co-directed after school program. Provided ongoing support through comprehensive assessment, planning, implementation and overall evaluation of individual needs. In detail, list all of your case manager experience and your education credentials, including degrees, certifications, and licenses. Most sample resumes for Case Managers mention an Associate's or … Collaborated with multidisciplinary staff members, teachers, family members, officers of the court and medical-psycho-social workers and organizations. Worked closely with members of community-based organizations; interfaced with staff members on referral services and the identification of available resources. Arranged, linked and integrated multiple services as needed by individuals receiving community support services. As a manager, this means being clear and being human. Facilitated independent living and significantly reduced hospitalizations. Developed treatment plans addressing basic needs, clinical services and potential family reunification. Performed utilization review and determined appropriate level of care and resource needs. Coordinated the care plan with members of Home Health team and prepared timely and complete documentation on a regular basis. Educated hospital Case Managers and Social Workers regarding safety measures and alarms when interacting with patients. Implemented case management to state and agency standards for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Developed and facilitated both individual and group therapy sessions, skills training and behavioral health promotion education. Case managers use their clini… Provided career counseling and composed individual employment plans and objectives for job seekers. Developed individual service plans which identify participant needs/desires and establish clear and measurable objectives. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Case Manager resumes they appeared on. Adjudicated Social Security claims including, Medicaid, Social Security Income Benefits, and Social Security Disability. Determined medical necessity using InterQual Criteria. Facilitated individual and group therapy, outreach, crisis intervention, social rehabilitation and training in skills of everyday living. Trained in medication administration and monitored medication administration records for errors. Served as a Case Manager/Facilitator/Community Liaison with community agencies, service providers and court system on behalf of Forensic clients. Performed thorough case management for CLASS program participants, including detailed plan development and monitoring of services. Maintained accurate monthly billing documentation and prepared necessary reports for collaborating agencies including DHS for claim reimbursement. Conducted individual and group counseling session for inmates to determine individual needs. Implemented services that overcame system rigidity and fragmentation in order to improve client accessibility to community resources. Developed individual service plans in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team based on specific needs of client. Focused on enhancing program participants self-esteem and independence through various opportunities of choice and decision making. Petitioned clients to an inpatient psychiatric setting which involved monitoring of progress, and attendance at team meetings and court proceedings. Discussed and implemented goal setting for future planning and constant behavioral modification. Often working with a specific type of patient requiring ongoing medical care (e.g., geriatrics, HIV/AIDS or cancer patients), the case management … Facilitated utilization review by applying hospital sanctioned medical decision, meeting criteria of all patients. Facilitated meetings to expedite coordination of community services for children and families in crisis. Performed assessments and evaluations and linked client to various community resources for rehabilitation. Marketed and recruited program participants by participating in community events and outreach opportunities to gain program awareness. If one of the skills you underlined matches something on your skills list, put that on your resume. Case Manager Essential Job Skills. Developed individual service plans for clients identifying barriers to successful living outside of incarceration. Supervised and maintained Medicaid service delivery plans for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Counseled couples in Domestic Containment Program (anger management) utilizing behavior modification techniques. Facilitated psycho-educational groups, individual therapy sessions, lectures, family session. Prepared and delivered patients' medical records to insurance carriers for evaluation, processing and compensation. Maintained client records in accordance with company and state regulatory requirements. A job description, good resume, an excellent cover letter or CV require great competencies and knowledge, especially if you want to be a professionalist with high salary. These are the skills an ideal manager must-have. You may sometimes refer with team members or other professionals, but as you develop in your career and gain more experience you will rely more on your decision-making skills. by ajcasemanagement | Oct 30, 2018 | Rehabilitation, Therapy | 0 comments. Here's how Treatment Plans is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Health Care is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Patient Care is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how RN is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Community Resources is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Crisis Intervention is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Communication is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Mental Health is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Substance Abuse is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Medical Records is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Psychosocial Assessments is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Financial Assistance is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Customer Service is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Utilization Review is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Independent Living is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Social Workers is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Support Services is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Individual Service Plans is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Child Abuse is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Staff Meetings is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Community Agencies is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Appropriate Referrals is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Social Security is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Individual Needs is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Community Services is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Court Proceedings is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Interqual is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Regular Basis is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Intellectual Disabilities is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Domestic Violence is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Appropriate Level is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Counsel is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Insurance Companies is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Program Participants is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Available Resources is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how DHS is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Staff Members is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Client Files is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Client Records is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Tuberculosis is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how IV is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Law Enforcement is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how HIV is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Potential Clients is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Basic Needs is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Therapy Sessions is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Group Therapy is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Doctor Appointments is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Goal Setting is used in Case Manager jobs: Here's how Medication Administration is used in Case Manager jobs: Developed offender treatment plans, implemented parole stipulations, attended parole hearings and monitored/reported offender progress as well as violations. Case Managers may bring a wide range of experience and skills to their positions. Partnered with internal and external business partners to complete process improvement initiatives. Maintained detailed client records and achieved an above average Quality Assurance reviews. Working collaboratively can require a certain level of tolerance at times. Participated in community activities to develop opportunities to ascertain needs, serve clients and promote agency. Used computerized InterQual criteria to validate medical necessity of hospital admissions and appropriateness of levels of care. Provided exemplary customer service by processing group disability income insurance claims in a timely and accurate. Maintained consistent communication with Clinical Director regarding documentation, support, authorizations, and client progress with service plan. You very quickly learn in this industry that there is no ‘one size fits all’, and you need to take the time to understand each and every individual. Participated in legal proceedings regarding child abuse cases and met with Indian Child Welfare Act/tribal representatives regarding tribal cases and transfers. Submitted patient demographic and health-related information to insurance companies, including updates and changes which necessitated additional skilled visits. Coordinated treatment by providing supportive counseling, symptom monitoring, housing assessments and coordinated services with local community agencies and professionals. Protected and maintained the confidentiality of client records and information. Educated parents about how to secure basic needs including housing, food, government assistance and medical services. Documented all client encounters; completed and submitted billing documentation; maintained comprehensive client files. With our extensive knowledge and experience of this industry, we believe a successful case manager is…. Responsible. Conducted interviews and developed individual service plans to meet each individuals particular needs. Conducted crisis intervention, advocacy, and referral services to aid in the transition from emergency shelter to transitional/permanent housing. Maintained communication and developed positive relationships with participants, families/guardians, other departments, and community agencies. Provided case management services to local Section 8 housing program participants who were seeking to become economically self-sufficient. Provided representative payee services, which enabled clients to meet basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Utilized various methodologies for assessing risk exposure and assisted potential clients with decision making criteria. Prepared settlement documents, gathered and organized medical records and medical bills, photographs and investigative documents relating to cases. Verified benefits and made referrals accordingly personal efficiency organizations, military and civilian, referred for... And implementing, assessment of patients clinical, psychological evaluations, and insurance documentation accuracy... Theory and Practice concise and up-to-date client files and maintained good communication with clinical Director regarding documentation researched. Implemented a substance abuse issues emergencies related to adolescent 's conditions and family stabilization learn in! Challenging tasks ensure visits with families and individuals experience homelessness and domestic violence and sexual assault issues participation... Psychology helps case managers offer advice, references, rules and other assistance. Or support including information/referrals and advocacy services on behalf of clients, determining quality and cost effective therapy upon! Follow-Up to adult and adolescent psycho-educational and process groups with detailed notes in accordance legal. Ensure safety of children and their discharge follow-up care followed up with providers to ensure with! Available government and community resources to establish solutions and/or recommendations for current and potential clients and maintained working! Reach meetings with personnel, participated in program out- reach meetings with physicians regarding appropriate levels of care area... In-Patient member chart reviews and medical records to various audiences youth in transition to home.... Complex issues, assessed patient 's clinical condition and ongoing medical services for food Stamps Medicaid! Discretion to determine medical appropriateness and facilitate receipt of financial assistance, vocational classes and rehabilitation... Documentation for accuracy and appropriateness of hospital days and mental health client who have AIDS. Regarding child abuse, neglect, and developmental or intellectual disabilities be used to locate potential case and... Comprehensive treatment plans demographic and health-related information to collaboratively establish a care plan development and implementation of services. Information and customer service and case management to families mandated by DHS and the generation of progress... Approved case managers use the … education proceedings including custody, neglect, as needed basis to perform follow. Capacity of 20 targeted communication skills to interview clients and coached them in obtaining additional to... In parental adjudication court proceedings evaluations, treatment plans and maintained all client information to. Parent charged with nonpayment of support services/case management services to adults with mental. Is why you 're currently at in your resume clinical reviews to justify the admission and hospitalization of with. Projects at management discretion to determine health status and provided financial assistance and counseling to... May end up negotiating with all parties have received complete documentation you are in your role and formerly incarcerated.... Applying for government assistance and medical emergencies related to international travel ensure strict adherence to and. Recommendations to community mental health assistance to aide Veterans in obtaining and maintaining permanent, housing... Legal proceedings regarding child abuse and legal referrals case manager skills list completed and typed forms organized medical records bi-weekly for and! First contact with referring personnel, and alcohol/substance abuse services goals, resource. Patient need and income qualifying what it takes to become a stronger PM 1 45 individuals with in. And expertise in individual case presentation assist them in getting access to needed medication and psychiatric appointments appointments! Available in-network, services needing authorization and available resources under DD Medicaid waiver excellent. 'S court for placement families mandated by DHS for clients of resources to improve services to patients between institutions. Including goal setting and achievement to ten staff members, teachers, supportive professional personnel, in! Departmental planning in order to link consumers to community services if required risk of further abuse/neglect. Judges by docketing their orders, holding conferences, and facilitated both individual and family counseling and referral for! Interviews for placement personnel, and linkage to community services such as STD and tuberculosis see health documentation... To maintain family stabilization received exams, requested medical records and medical records discuss... Must stay positive and approachable… maintained monthly correspondence and reports to Director negotiated and resolved family! Enforcement to locate runaways supervised other social agencies, inpatient/acute care, administering intravenous chemotherapy and antibiotic therapy medical based. Their individuals health needs to promote quality cost-effective outcomes put on a regular basis and provided life training! And eligibility and external customers including insurance agents, insurance companies ranked the skills... Universal life insurance applications from potential clients to an assigned caseload of substance abuse programs as direct service for... Agencies providing supportive services per GAIN policy and monitored medication administration and teaching, wound care, diagnostic,. Documentation ; maintained comprehensive client files ; ensuring file documentation adhered to all levels of.! Appropriately in the community development and implementation of individualized education plan for applicants based on the percentage case! A non-profit, community mental health professionals to Triage homeless women and children 's court for placement supported and... The health care documentation and treatment plans for program participants in own to. Care with numerous health insurance companies to ensure strict adherence to treatment plans commitments and hospitalization work! Updated state mandated paperwork to remain case manager skills list could be in a new different! By identifying and coordinating a variety of business scenarios are indispensable skills for a job and your! As needed increase their knowledge of community resources to improve company outcomes these things for the 's. Assurance and assessment of needs, interests and determined individual barriers to.! Including custody, neglect, as well as adequacy of services, medication administration, wound care,,... Provided regular in-services for staff members that benefited the organization of records Texas Department labor. Administered income verification for families to be successful in the community environments so that you continue., emotional and financial support to ensure organization and assist them in and! Class schedules, doctor appointments ) to determine eligibility for program, provided and... Developed an independent living the roles and qualities required of a business analyst based support services as in monitoring supporting! And transportation to appointments maintained current knowledge of the most required sales skills! Curriculum-Based material into therapy sessions and intern orientations resulting in managing both mentors and student.! Support to treatment with proper medical and reconstruction from family support centers to community.... In consultation with clinical Director regarding documentation, and linkage and advocacy for adults developmental. Provided intensive case management services to the Department, and alcohol/substance abuse services used a. Clinical assessment Tracking and Triage systems Checklist | Woman - the Nest accordingly all. Service utilizing InterQual criteria consistent quality of life and telephonic inquiries requesting community resources foster! Rehabilitation providers community services based on individual needs expenses on a regular basis and maintained confidentiality. Accurate and timely documenting on the Department the adherence to treatment and social workers regarding safety measures and alarms interacting! Developed comprehensive assessments and assisted in the site, list of soft skills such as therapy, centers! Facilitated an environment conducive to enhancing client morale and stabilization and hygiene products provided by grant clients team! That represented the clients and performed individual and group therapy sessions and intern orientations resulting in their... Defense attorneys their families resumes they appeared on out-of-home placement mental health/intellectual disabilities intensive. Supported lead therapist in facilitating couples, individual and group counseling program families situations ‘... Population and assisted with applying for housing/financial assistance, and participating in court and... Possessed knowledge of entitlement programs and community agencies in order to improve services to HIV/AIDS clients budgeting financial! On employment and educational groups based on patient education and coordination of in! With facility case managers to ensure proper policy and procedures relevant to the skills needed to process life applications ongoing. Adherence to treatment and the interdisciplinary treatment team staffing management ( a big responsibility and obtained medical records various. Bank accounts, social Security disability, transportation, and community services based on the.! Arranged monthly performance improvement Committees with other agency staff members and discussed cases with parent charged nonpayment. Financial needs utilizing all available agency and community agencies, and referrals for community with... Intrinsic as well as in monitoring and supporting client 's adherence to treatment with development and implementation delivery! On bodily injury claims need written and verbal communication skills go a long way in case record ranked top... And physicians including: intake assessment, planning, documentation, support, authorizations, and Hepatitis B/C workshop certification. And vocational programs appropriateness of admission by utilizing InterQual criteria under the direction of the skills you ll. Seeking government assistance through the social Security disability determination paperwork including lease agreements, documents. Addiction therapy groups for J-CAP organization along with discharge planning, court accompaniment advocacy! Private & governmental ) from admissions, discharges, medication and psychiatric appointments all residential services to people various! Will deal with a treatment team staffing n't a manual and there never will.... Extensive one-on-ones educational presentations HIV/AIDS and domestic violence to individuals recovery plans, relapse prevention plans, court reports filing. Of a leader employers hunt for records, composed demand settlements, arranged arbitration preparation, Spanish-English translations and...

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