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Human Asia is on a mission to shine the spotlight on emerging leaders and entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia. Our vision is to attract investments into this region, create jobs, and ultimately increase the prosperity of the people.

We conduct interviews with business leaders and founders throughout the region, giving them an opportunity to tell the world about their own vision.

Our genuine wish is to see up-and-coming leaders get the global recognition they deserve. Through this website, we also want to inspire young people in the region to start a venture, a cause, and become leaders in their own right.

The Human Asia Team

The Human Asia team is headed by Eddy Sunarto, an Indonesian national with substantial experience in Finance & Banking.

He has worked and lived in global financial centres including Sydney, Singapore, London, and Tokyo.

After banking, he’s pivoted into the world of startups and entrepreneurship, becoming an angel investor to many early stage startups in the Southeast Asia region.

He works alongside Jun Mardian, an M.I.T. graduate and a successful entrepreneur whose enterprise includes a consulting business, fashion, and F&B.

If you are currently seeking funding for your startup, or would like to be interviewed on Human Asia, feel free to send us an email at this address:



The Human Asia Team

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